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What is CumRocket?

CumRocket crypto is an 18+ token with erotic overtones. It offers many benefits to buyers and creators of adult content, including the anonymity. What should you know about this token before investing? This guide will present the experts’ estimations about its future. We will also review how it works and its characteristics. Finally, we propose the different possible ways to buy or earn Cummies.

what is cumrocket

CumRocket aims to revolutionize the adult content industry by introducing blockchain technology to ensure a safe and equitable communication and entertainment environment for those over the age of 18. CumRocket hosts platforms where users can chat, text, own, and subscribe to content creators in exchange for CUMMIES tokens.

This is one of the largest projects using blockchain technology to securely and reliably host these services, many of which are already popular within the adult content industry, such as private content subscriptions and paid messaging.

By having an actual application, this project aims to distinguish itself from other small and less useful currencies that are commonly referred to as shitcoins. Although CumRocket still uses part of the same protocol as many of these shitcoins, its early rise may propel it to the next level. In addition to utility, CumRocket has a management team of popular software engineers with expertise in DeFi and cryptocurrency marketing.

Brief history of CumRocket

Launched in April 2021, CumRocket is a BEP-20 token on the Binance smart chain. CumRocket has set out to build platforms that can reliably provide a fair space for creators in the pornography industry to be in control of their content.

This is very similar to the goal that launched the NFT marketplace to become such a popular and accepted digital platform. CumRocket recently released its own 18+ NFT marketplace, which is in its early stages of getting new content creators on its platform.

With the growth of this marketplace, creators and users have a safe and reliable platform to enjoy adult content and develop their community productively. This new development is super important for CumRocket as they begin to build on their ambitious goals of creating a platform that hosts a diverse ecosystem of content services for adult users.

CumRocket coin

CUMMIES are presented as a guarantee so that both creators and consumers of pornographic content can enjoy a secure environment in their communications and interactions, thanks to the blockchain. And as a BEP-20 token, of course, CUMMIES itself is tokenized through the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. 

Regardless, the project has garnered quite a bit of interest among some investors and has also garnered much attention on social media. Even before Elon Musk joined as a fan, its token had already seen a considerable rise. In some reference forums, such as Reddit, it is commented that this token could be more successful than Dogecoin, as it has a real use. It is even suggested that reference websites in the sector, such as PornHub, could even use its tokens.


What is the function of CUMMIES?

Thus, CumRocket has created a platform where users can chat and exchange messages and content while tipping with CUMMIES tokens to content creators. It is somewhat similar to the OnlyFans social network, as here, creators can charge for private content. The idea is that actors, actresses, and others in the porn world can benefit from verified authorship. Ultimately, it aims to decentralize the multi-billion dollar porn industry business with a deflationary token that rewards the holder and penalizes the seller.

CumRocket crypto price

Cumrocket (CUMMIES) is in the 1319th place in the cryptocurrency rankings. With a price change of -2.28% in the last month. CumRocket’s market price has decreased by -1.93% in the previous 24 hours. The change in the last hour was 0.25%, and in the last week -19.23%. At the time of writing this article, its price is about $0.005714.

CumRocket price prediction

According to our in-depth technical analysis of CUMMIES past price data, In 2022, CumRocket price is predicted to reach a low of $0.007. CUMMIES price may reach a high of $0.009 with the average trading price of $0.008.

What will CumRocket be worth in the coming months?

For active day traders who don’t want to HODL their CumRocket exchange to infinity, CumRocket’s price for the next couple of months is more interesting than 3 years from now. Our team of cryptocurrency trading experts has applied technical analysis to most of CumRocket’s charts over the course of the past few months to get a solid and clear view of where CumRocket is headed price-wise.

You can easily decide whether or not to buy CumRocket, or when to sell and move your cryptocurrency to another coin or token. Just always make sure you profit from the dips and sell at the right prices, as you don’t want to end up being a bagman in a negative sense if you know what we mean.

How to buy cumRocket cryptocurrency?

Do you want to buy CumRocket without difficulties? Find out how to buy CUMMIES easily with different payment methods!

How do I buy CumRocket by credit card?

To buy CumRocket by credit card, we recommend using the Binance platform. This is the most widely used cryptocurrency exchange site to date and the most reliable. The platform’s fees are quite low, less than 2%, and there are no delays after payment.

You can only acquire the largest cryptocurrencies on the Binance platform by default. If CUMMIES is not listed on the exchange, you will have to first acquire a cryptocurrency offered by Binance, such as USDT, and then send it to another platform offering the purchase of CUMMIES. However, keep in mind that all the major cryptocurrencies are listed on Binance. To buy CUMMIES by credit card, here are the steps to follow:

  • Create an account on Binance using the link above
  • Validate your account by completing the KYC, then at the top right of the site, go to the “Buy Cryptocurrencies” section.
  • Then choose “Credit Card” and select the currency you will use for your purchase, in this case, the dollar.
  • You will then need to enter your credit card information and the amount and the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, in our case CUMMIES. If Binance does not offer CUMMIES, then you will need to buy USDT and then send it to an exchange offering CUMMIES for purchase.

We also recommend using for less popular cryptocurrencies. The latter is very reliable and easy to use. It allows you to exchange your USDT or another cryptocurrency for a multitude of other cryptocurrencies. If CUMMIES are listed on, then we invite you to use it.

How to buy CumRocket through Paypal?

Today, you cannot buy CumRocket directly with Paypal. Paypal does not officially allow this kind of purchase. However, you can use a platform like LocalBitcoin to connect individuals who want to buy and sell CumRocket. Some sellers on this site offer to pay by Paypal. However, since this is a peer-to-peer purchase, you should take certain precautions and not buy from a seller with a poor reputation.

You can also use Etoro. Etoro offers to buy Bitcoin through Paypal, which you can then sell for CumRocket on an exchange site like Binance. As with the previous tip, you’ll have to pay some fees here. To buy CumRocket with Paypal, here are the steps to follow:

  • Create an account on Etoro using the link above.
  • Verify your account, then make a deposit through Paypal by clicking on “Deposit Funds.
  • Then buy Bitcoin with the deposited funds. To do this, you’ll need to click on the “Markets” tab, then go to “Crypto.” You will then only have to select the asset “Bitcoin.”

Before completing the purchase, you will need to indicate the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase.

How to buy CumRocket by bank transfer?

Finally, you will discover how to buy CumRocket by bank transfer. This is the slowest method, as the transfers can take several days to arrive. However, the platform charges very little for the transaction. Here we will use the Coinbase platform, which is certainly the most reliable for this type of transaction. On Coinbase, you can deposit your funds and buy CumRocket by SEPA transfer. Transfers are done in 1 to 3 business days. Using our link above, you can get a free $10 for every $100 deposited on the site. 

Attention, in the same way as with Binance previously, Coinbase proposes to purchase only some cryptocurrencies, especially the most known. Suppose you want to buy cryptocurrencies that are not well known to the general public. In that case, you will have to buy a cryptocurrency offered on Coinbase first and then transfer it to an exchange like Binance, offering the one you want to buy to sell one against the other. To buy CumRocket by bank transfer, what you need to do is:

  • First, create an account on Coinbase using the link above, then complete the “Know your Customer” process.
  • Then make a dollar deposit to your bank account by clicking on the “Buy” button at the top left of the site.
  • Once the transfer is finalized, use your dollars to buy CumRocket.

If CUMMIES are not available directly on the site, make a cryptocurrency transfer to another exchange platform.

Where to buy cumRocket cryptocurrency            

It is available on PancakeSwap and also on CumRocket’s own exchange, CumSwap. On PancakeSwap and CumSwap, you can exchange BNB tokens for CUMMIES tokens. CumRocket, as mentioned above, is a Binance smart blockchain project that has seen high price volatility since its conception in April 2021.

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