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Start A Successful Career In Cryptocurrency

The number of jobs available in the cryptocurrency sector is on the rise, and the industry is growing at such a rapid pace that hundreds of jobs are posted in the time it takes you to write your resume. In fact, a 2021 LinkedIn survey found that blockchain knowledge was one of the most in-demand skills in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Austria, and it’s a trend that’s expected to continue to grow. According to Glassdoor, blockchain-related jobs have increased by 300 percent in just one year, and the average salary for blockchain-related jobs is higher than that of non-blockchain jobs.

How to start a successful career in cryptocurrency

How to get a job in crypto

The most obvious way to find cryptocurrency and blockchain-related jobs is to check out job boards. In addition to the aforementioned LinkedIn, a few are industry-specific, and you should keep an eye out for them.


They define themselves as the best site for blockchain jobs. At least in quantity, they are right. CryptoJobs has nearly 3,000 job openings listed, and many large tech companies already trust them.


CryptoJobsList shows about 4000 crypto and blockchain jobs, but it has not stopped growing. It even has a salary section, where you can find out how much you should be paid for your work or provide information to other users to find out for themselves.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs has about 1,000 vacancies listed to date, offering a handpicked collection of the best cryptocurrency jobs. Moreover, its interface is easy to use and offers very useful filtering options.


PompCryptoJobs offers just over 300 jobs, but unlike the others, you can tell that these are specialist jobs. When in doubt, use their advanced search filters.

Cryptocurrency Careers

The last cryptocurrency or blockchain job site we can recommend is Crypto Careers, which has a large list of illustrious clients, including Facebook and Robinhood.

Why find a job in this sector?

The craze around digital currencies is no longer to be demonstrated: companies, individuals, and institutions give them more and more importance. Therefore, it is logical that new jobs related to cryptocurrencies (and their “blockchain” operation) are emerging. If you are interested in this field, you should know that it offers excellent long-term prospects and a very satisfactory salary in general. 

Indeed, as this technology is still new, specialists in the field are in high demand. Therefore, the demand is growing from startups, banks, private companies in the digital or financial sector, governments… If you have the skills and experience, you are almost certain to be hired.

career in cryptocurrency

How to get started with crypto

On any website you go to, you will probably find some advertisement enticing you to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies. Everyone seems to be very eager to make the decision and start investing in virtual currencies. However, creating a career or investing in anything is always a risk. Investing in something so new can be even more desperate. Below, we will share with you some tips for starting a career in cryptocurrencies:

Learn cryptography

Getting into cryptocurrencies is a tempting idea for many individual savers. Still, it would be best if you thought about what you plan to do with them and your needs (savings, portfolio expansion, diversification, etc.) The cryptocurrency market can have great growth potential, but it’s important to be aware that it’s an unstable and volatile product that’s difficult to control.

Figuring the difference between a token and a coin

Today, cryptocurrencies have become much more than bitcoin – which is an asset whose primary purpose is to function as a currency – with at least 8,000 different projects now giving unique functions to blockchain smart contract technology. But to make it easier for beginners, the important thing is to differentiate between a currency, which functions solely as a method of exchange in a particular system, and a token, which can have a unique relationship with securities and utilities such as stocks or services.

Think long term

This advice is simple. The cryptocurrency market is often not consistently stable, so it’s important to think long-term. Cryptocurrencies have a tendency to go down, but so far, they always end up going up. So, once you have invested, don’t get impatient and be sure that in the long run, you will make profits.

Careers in cryptocurrency

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Career will enable you to understand in-depth and work in any sector that needs professionals and consultants with the ability to integrate Blockchain in any company (that makes sense). It will also give you a complete vision of crypto investment techniques. This Career, 100% online (like all Tutellus Careers), has a progressive training program, from a more basic to more advanced level, and reviews both technology and business and investment perspectives, going through cryptocurrencies, cryptokens, and crypto-assets.

The Career begins with a general module to understand the Internet of Value, smart contracts, and to understand how a successful blockchain such as Ethereum works. Later the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Career will delve into infrastructure and technology, reviewing other blockchains such as Hyperledger. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Career dedicates several modules to everything related to crypto investment and trading with tokens and cryptocurrencies, from basic to advanced aspects, applicable to other trading systems.

Finally, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Career will help you understand how and why Blockchain has the potential to change an industry, greatly increasing your chances of becoming a professional in this field. This is a ‘live’ career, in continuous updating, which we frequently renew to maintain the best content for students. Take advantage of the opportunity and learn everything you need to become an expert in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies!

Top 10 crypto jobs

Top 10 crypto jobs

Consider engaging in strategic partnerships. The best way to start such a career is to consider strategic partnerships with crypto-based brands. You can combine the individual value you have with the brand value that allows users to buy Bitcoin with a credit card and create something iconic and long-lasting.

Cryptocurrency-related jobs you can consider starting

You can venture into many cryptocurrency-related jobs, and it is almost impossible to list them all. However, after a careful review of how easy it is to start these businesses, here are the top ones that deserve your attention:

Data Scientist

Blockchain technology thrives on the availability and management of data. The importance of quality data for the functioning of digital currencies is the reason why the services of data scientists are in high demand within the cryptocurrency market. To thrive as a data scientist, you’ll need excellent communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Cryptocurrency Journalist

Have you noticed the attention that crypto investors and traders pay to any news regarding cryptocurrency prices, whether it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum? Information is one of the many factors that influence market activity. Who do you think creates and writes all this news? Cryptocurrency journalists! Journalism knowledge, good communication, and writing skills are essential skills you need to thrive here.

Technical Writer

Do you know that you can make a lot of money from the crypto space as a technical writer writing about Bitcoin and other crypto prices? Yes, because every new cryptocurrency starts as an idea on a whitepaper used to attract investors. With a good understanding of grammar, keyword optimization, and digital marketing, you can start a career as a crypto technical writer.

Blockchain developers

Banks, startups, and companies all want their Blockchain developers these days. They could represent up to 40 percent of the jobs related to cryptocurrencies! Just like classical application developers, they are recruited to code, test, and develop blockchain solutions for companies. Therefore, it is a highly sought-after profession that allows them to demand sometimes staggering salaries.

Network security specialists

A worrying subject as the use of cryptocurrencies is developing at high speed: the security one. Why take the risk of attacking a bank that no longer has any cash when you can hack into an exchange platform and walk away with several million in Bitcoin? Therefore, the security sector related to cryptocurrencies is growing, requiring more and more experts in encryption and network architecture.

Community Manager

The important thing here is to keep social networks and communities alive and interacting. And if you know how to read the users’ demands, collect them and communicate them to the team, your role becomes more valuable. You will be in the trenches talking, reading, and responding to users, and the best feedback is always here. Decisions made based on community requests are the most legitimate.

Customer Support – Help Desk

We have all encountered doubts when using a crypto platform. And when we can’t solve it, we write to support. What we want are quick responses and real help. Platforms with good user support are the ones that build user loyalty. A bad experience with this area can lead users to unsubscribe, move their funds and never trade on that platform again.


A crypto designer has ample advantages to get a job as an employee, as a freelancer, and in one of the most unexplored veins: NFT. A good designer is a key part of the foundation of any crypto team. Both promote the project with quality graphic pieces and explain how it works based on infographics and visual resources.

Business Developer

This position is one of the most required and one of the most complex to find. If you are a professional from centralized or traditional finance and want to make the leap, I recommend that you read everything related to crypto. A solid network of contacts in the crypto world is highly valued. And also the bridges you can build with TradFi entities.

Crypto / DeFi Research

This position, for me, is fundamental. Why? This ecosystem is one of the fastest-growing in terms of innovation. Therefore, it requires serious research to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff and, within the grain, select those projects or alternatives that will survive the ravages of time and the market. A good DeFi or crypto research can save you a lot of headaches. As a researcher, you should help the team you are part of to formulate strategies and execute actions based on the latest developments in the crypto community. Here’s to more research courses and less trading courses.

A lot of work, but it can be worth it

As you can see, finding the right projects is not a snap. It requires a minimum of expertise and research. Remember that no matter how solid the foundations of a project are: response to 

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